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Change log for VMFS Recovery

VMFS Recovery 4.1.1 is available on site:

  • Added DiskINternals EFS Recovery features and now VMFS Recovery can read and recover data from Bitlocker disks. Bitlocker version 1 and 2 are supported.
  • VMFS Recovery can read and recover data from EFS disks. Supports all versions of EFS

Beta version of VMFS Recovery 4.1.0 is available on request:

  • We've added long waiting SESparse support
  • added support for compressed VMDK files

Released VMFS Recovery 4.0.1:

  • +15-30% gain in scan speed on single drives due to a new scan engine
  • Asynchronous reading multiplies RAID disk speed almost corresponding to the number of disks in array
  • VMFS module has got more than 100 tweaks for specific scenarios of lost data
  • Added a number of new RAID signatures
  • New NTFS Recovery module
  • Minor improvements in EXT module
  • Added XFS 2.0 support
  • Improvements and bugfixes in ZFS and RAID-Z

Released VMFS Recovery

  • Minor improvement of VMFS file system
  • Major update to NTFS Recovery and Uneraser modes. Scan and save speeds gain +30%
  • Major update to ReFS Recovery added support ReFS 2.0
  • Saving of recovered data improved because optimisation of list of recovered files. Large amounts of recovered files (more than a million of files) are processed up to 2 times faster

Released VMFS Recovery 3.3.2:

Released VMFS Recovery 3.3.1:

  • Automated recovery of RAID 6 improved. Minor detection issues solved.
  • Added non-standard MFT size on NTFS disks.
  • Fixed vmdk snapshots issue.

Released VMFS Recovery 3.2.3:

  • New version has improved speed and stability.

Released VMFS Recovery 3.2.2:

  • We are proud to introduce full VMFS 6 support that works in all modes and fully supports new VMFS journal. This new version of VMFS file system was introduced in ESX server since version 5.5.

Released VMFS Recovery

  • Added VMFS 6 support
  • EXT files system module has a lot of improvements and bugfixes
  • Mount Disk Image" command failed to access multi-RAID disks like LSI RAID 5 + VMFS JBOD + LVM

Released VMFS Recovery

Developer version of VMFS Recovery available on request:

  • Added Microsoft Storage Spaces support.
  • Added a new feature that has all the Linux's "DD" command features. Please find description of it's usage here.

On-site stable version of VMFS Recovery 3.1:

  • Added ZFS reader and RAID-Z support
  • VMFS can establish network connection to any SSH server (earlier only ESX was available)
  • Automatically detected disks are shown at RAID Wizard
  • EXT3/EXT4 large files error fixed. (Large files were displayed as 0 bytes and were unreadable)
  • Unrecognized JPEG and PDF files can be renamed automatically by using internal tags such as date, author, owner, etc