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Recover your Virtual Machine data now!


Download VMFS Recovery free evaluation version right now. All our recovery software, including this one is distributed according to a “try-before-buy” approach. A software product is free purely for evaluation purpose. A free trial version of VMFS Recovery will perform all the potential of this piece of software to restore VMFS drives stored on on corrupted and inaccessible hard drives, working or faulty RAID arrays and other recovering features. The only difference is that you can preview all recovered data without the possibility to save it. In order to be able to use the data that has recently been brought back to life, you have to purchase the license key.






VMFS Recovery download

VMFS Recovery

Recovers data from damaged or formatted Virtual Machine disks

ver. 3.3.1

28.0 Mb

You can launch our free evaluation version as many times as you need before you make sure that this is exactly the product, that can solve your problem. Please use "Mount as Disk" command to mount recovered vmdk files and check internal files. You are also welcome to request assistance before purchase at our support desk. As soon as you've purchased the license key, you just enter it in the corresponding field, turning your trial version into fully operating VMFS Recovery tool. So, there is no need to reinstall the application or restarting scan.