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Alternate VMFS 6 support

We've discovered recently that there are VMFS 6 disks that has file system structure that differs from the one we've met before. Links to the data on the disk in file system contents are formed by completely other method.

Our developers have re-created such VMFS6 disk in our lab, investigated it's structures and implemented into VMFS Recovery.

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Posted Wed, 16 Aug 2017

Raidz and ZFS file system support

We are proud to present RAID Z and ZFS file system support to VMFS Recovery.

Errors in ZFS are not common as all data stored on this file system is constantly checksumed, checked for integrity and self healed. However sometimes it needs expert treatment too. Developers said they had a real pleasure to work with this complex and well thought-out file system and were also impressed with RAID Z realization. Normally RAID disk is one or two... Continue Reading…

Posted Tue, 7 Feb 2017

Unix DD utility on Windows

New release of VMFS Recovery presents a new feature that is similar to Unix's DD command-line utility in shell but works on Windows systems.

It allows to copy a byte to byte images of files or disks and deploy disk images to the drives with specified offset.

Our DD realization starts also from command line as follows:
vmfs_recovery.exe -dd if= of= count= is= os=


Data Recovery methods: advantages and drawbacks

Often people ask a question like: Is it possible to specify a custom file type or extension. I need to recover only *.edb and *.dfc file types without having to bring all the other files types and getting a possible list hundred thousand file that I don't need.

Shortly the answer is: Yes, this is possible.

However the question isn't really correct. Please let me explain. I must apologies, it requires several... Continue Reading…

Posted Wed, 14 Sep 2016

XFS file system

We are constantly working to improve our software and have added an XFS file system support to VMFS Recovery.

Currently it was added only at the beta versions and it's limited to Reader mode only. Developers are still working on fully functional support of this file system adding Uneraser, Recovery and RAID reconstruction modes.

We will include XFS support to release version when all four modes will be ready, but you are welcome to contact us and... Continue Reading…

Posted Sat, 25 Jun 2016