VMFS Recovery

Recovers data from ESX server

VMFS Recovery™ 4.4.2 released

VMFS Recovery™ 4.4.2 is available for download:

Main features and improvements are following:

  • All executable and binary libraries used in VMFS Recovery™ was digitally signed. Since Google has started to penalize sites that was detected by one of the VirusTotal scanners, we spent a lot of time trying to get rid off false detected viruses. We were hoped that digital sign will fix situation, but it isn't.
  • Mount to system module has received update of the new CBFS driver. Older one has got issues in uninstall procedure. Mount operation can add multiple volumes at once
  • VMFS inodes detection improved
  • EFS structures are read, when disk was opened as EFS.
  • A lot of improvements in LVM and EXT file system. We've extended compatibility and added support of large inode blocks and descriptor groups
  • Added load of external MFT in Uneraser mode for NTFS disks
  • Added several new file formats in Power Search module
  • Additional disk size check and notification.
    When disk larger than 2Tb is installed to USB rack that has controller limited to 2Tb.
  • Old EXT2 and 3 are turned off by default because of large number of false detects on EXT4 disks.
    Can be turned back if needed in the INI settings file.
  • Fixed minor bugs in preview, scan and reconstructed RAID results display.

Download | Check changelog for more details