VMFS Recovery

Recovers data from ESX server

Damaged Partition Table

To recover damaged or wiped partition table, you need to select disk to scan from “Physical Disk" or “Raid Disk" sections. At this case scan will be performed from the start of the disk and until it's end, not just known partition space.

All found partitions will be displayed as a list, at the disk root. However usually there are quite a lot of false recognized partitions from CD and disk images, VM disks or just random signature coincidence.

All partition that are missed in Partition Table are displayed as “0001 – Lost_", “0002 – Lost_", etc.

List of recovered partitions

At this case we recommend to check if there are any disks with percentages in the name and or that have a name of original partition label.

Selecting less damaged partition

At the screenshot you can see among all detected partitions “1 - Boot (91%)" and “2 – Partition_718848 (53%)" that are recognized from Partition Table and occupy 91% and 53% off all available disk space. If we suppose there is only one partition at this disk, this means “1 – Boot (91%)" should contain all data from this disk. Absent 9% could be available empty space, as we calculate the size of partition by summing up all found file sizes.

Therefore “1 - Boot (91%)" -- should be the original partition and you need to browse it for required data.

Another method to find required data, If you know a specific file name, it to use search box at the top right corner.

Using search box

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