VMFS Recovery

Recovers data from ESX server

"Recovered by Signatures" and "Unknown Files" virtual folders

These folders are virtual and contain results of additional recovery algorithms.

Recovered by Signatures has results of our Power Search. This folder was renamed in November 2020 and was formerly known as the "Recovered Files" virtual folder to reduce user confusion. Yet the functionality remained the same.

Due to its nature Power Search can not recover folders or file names, as well as other file attributes, so all results are grouped by file type. Please be advised that false detection is possible during sorting files with similar types. For example, you can find some C++ source files in the TXT folder, as they are both text files and it's hard to distinguish one from another. Any file that was detected by Power Search but also found in the file table, will be removed from Recovered Files and displayed at the main results among all the standard files and folders.

Unknown Files is a folder that contains files and folders without root. It may contain single files and entire branches of the folder tree. Normally, data in this folder is live and sound, just can not be sorted and placed in the corresponding place at the folder tree. It is recommended to use the Search box at the top right corner to browse Unknown Files, as finding a single file from the required folder will lead you to all files originally contained in this folder.

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