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New release of VMFS Recovery is online

We've released a new version with several significant improvements, bug fixes and, of course, a new feature.

  • A new feature: Added Hikvision file system support. A bespoke file system used to store data from Hikvision video surveillance solutions
  • Minor fixes and improvements for VMFS SeSparse format
  • Minor improvements for compressed VMDK files on VMFS 5 and VMFS6. Increased read speed of *.OVF files
  • "Scan freeze" bug fixed.
  • Added a new cbfs driver. Older one will became obsolete soon and will be no longer supported. Please note: we strongly recommend to execute deinstallation procedure of older version of VMFS Recovery before updating on a new version, as only this this way driver will be properly updated
  • Preview of video files received update. Video codecs were updated and extended.
  • RAW photo preview has got support of new RAW types and camera's support.
  • Fixed bug that displayed incorrect estimated time during export, like: "Estimated time left 65532:65487:65535"

First of all I'd like to introduce Hikvision support. It's an established company with wide spread solutions for video surveillance and cybersecurity. However they use their own bespoke file system to optimise storage for video and their file system is virtually unknown to mass public.
However storage of video surveillance are common nowadays even for home users, not to mention corporate security. Security footage is priceless if you need to uncover a security breach, espionage attempt or some other crime. Naturally it's complicated and annoying if your data recovery software doesn't have such feature. This is why we were glad to add such feature on customer's request.

Please note a warning about new cbfs driver update. Our deinstaller will remove older version of cbfs during execution, and installer will save a new one. If deinstaller was not executed during update, it is possible that two versions of cbfs driver will be present at the system, which may lead to incompatibility issues and hard tracking bugs.
Keeping this in mind, we strongly recommend to use exact deinstall-install sequence.

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