VMFS Recovery

Recovers data from ESX server

Big update of VMFS Recovery™

We have released a big update with incremental improvements since January 2019. Now the current version is VMFS Recovery™ Please find a list of changes below.

RAID improvements:

  • Extended support of detectable HP RAID 6 arrays up to 22 drives.

  • A lot of changes in the detection of LVM arrays. Extended detection range and capabilities.

  • Fast detect algorithm in RAID Wizard improved in speed and quality of detection. We do our best to minimize brute force enumeration.

  • RAID initialization at startup received a set of new signatures and capabilities. Even more, reconstructed RAID arrays right after start up!

  • RAID Wizard checks selected configuration by the user and extended range of disks in a set, adding +1, +2 and deducting -1 disks in the array. We have discovered that many customers select the existing number of disks instead of original, when one (two) of the drives fails. Setting applied for RAID 5 and RAID 6 arrays correspondingly. Deducting a disk from the set could be required if a customer adds a spare disk to the set. Which is also not required, but happens.

  • New signatures from Dell arrays are added to recognition. We have discovered new Dell RAID mapping at one of the remote recovery cases. It's somewhat similar to HP RAID 5R, which is similar to RAID 5 but uses its own structure and array signatures. We do not support these new Dell's arrays yet, but now we can recognize them.

File system improvements:

  • Added support for a new group descriptor in VMFS 6

  • Fixed minor issue with VMFS 6 disks over 16Tb capacity


  • Added NTFS, ReFS and VMFS deduplication support for Pro and Ultimate licenses.

  • Added support for cluster sizes up to 2MB in NTFS disks.


  • Improved speed of scan and processing of large number of folders and files on EXT disks. Previous version has opened folder that contains several million files in Reader mode: 18 hours, new version opens it in 30 minutes. Uneraser scan improved from 2 hours to 30 sec on test cases.


  • Interface texts updated to ensure in proper and safer guidance during data recovery processes.
  • Added "Drives -> Create Images for All Storages", an advanced disk image creation tool. It allows creating disk images from multiple drives with specified offset and size from beginning or end of the disk. A more detailed guide for this new feature will be released soon.

Other improvements:

  • Added detection of China's Dahua file system

  • Added several GUI hints, warnings and descriptions to ease usage of VMFS Recovery™

  • Installation script updated

Feel free to download VMFS Recovery™

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