VMFS Recovery

Recovers data from ESX server

Unix DD utility on Windows

New release of VMFS Recovery™ presents a new feature that is similar to Unix's DD command-line utility in shell but works on Windows systems.

It allows to copy a byte to byte images of files or disks and deploy disk images to the drives with specified offset.

Our DD realization starts also from command line as follows:
vmfs_recovery.exe -dd if= of= count= is= os=


  • if= input file name;
  • of= output file name;
  • count= amount of data to be copied in sectors. Simple math functions and other measures can be used here, for example "312mb+512";
  • is= input start. Optional parameter to specify offset from the start of the source disk or file. Supports computed values such as "312mb+512";
  • os= output start. Optional, sets offset for output file or source. Also has support for complex values such as "312mb+512";