VMFS Recovery

Recovers data from ESX server

Major update of VMFS Recovery™

List of updates

Current version 2.2.1 contains a number of improvements and is highly recommended to everyone. Here is a list of most important features and bug fixes:

Uneraser mode

Uneraser mode in previous versions was actually a Reader mode. Now it is completely new and builds a VMFS file system from only the first Gb of your disk. We have tested it at the real cases, test images and file system images our customers shared with us and resumed that this mode should be enough for most cases. Given the fact it needs less than a minute to complete, it is highly recommended now to use "Uneraser" mode before "Full Recovery" that can run for days. "Uneraser" mode also works via SSH which is still a bottleneck and is recommended to avoid rather than use.

Scan speed of VMFS disks

New disk read cache has been added, now scan speed is increased from 40 Mb per second to 100-110 Mb per second for a single HDD. This gain is available only for direct disks connection and will not speed up SSH.

RAID recovery

RAID Recovery module has got some fixes, plus we have added support for another HP's RAID types. I must tell you HP has really lots of non standard RAID types and geometry, consider this when selecting a RAID controller.

NTFS modules

Loading of very large folders are improved. Test folder, with over 1,18 million of files inside, loads in 6 minutes. Previously, it was loaded for hours.

EXT modules

Fixed some bugs because wrong constants. Now folder tree is built correctly.

Expert mode

We have added a hidden tab at the "Preferences" which could be opened by the ctrl+E combination. It contains debug and scan cache options. Previously these options were available at FMS.ini.

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