VMFS Recovery

Recovers data from ESX server

Remote RAID and VMFS data recovery service

We are offering remote recovery services for recovering data from damaged RAID and VMFS disks.


For RAID disks that need manual reconstruction, we charge $300+$150 for each disk in array. For 4 disks array it would be $300+4*$150=$900

As a special proposition for data recovery companies, we have special wholesale prices.


Our basic rule: No data, no money. If we failed to recover your data, we won't ask for payment. We trust our clients and we have set a 30 days money back period for our services. We understand that you probably won't be able to check all the data right after recovery is done. However several limitations could apply.


We are located at the GMT +2 timezone, please let us know if you need to schedule specific time of connection.

Data security

All data recovery services are processed by the developers of VMFS Recovery that are employers of Diskinternals and have great expertise in various file systems, RAID systems and Virtual Machines.

VMFSRecover.com and Diskinternals both treat with customer's data with a great respect and care. We guarantee safety and non-disclosure of the data we assist to recover. Both VMFSRecover.com and DiskInternals won't store, share of display customer's data to anyone, except minimal entity of our staff members whose the only purpose would be recovering of customer's data. All data received from our customers are wiped immediately after the case is closed. VMFSRecover.com and DiskInternals are ready to sign NDA if you would like to obtain a documentary approval.

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If you need an advice or have a job for highly trained data recovery service, you are at the right place. We are specialists with more then 10 years of experience in system administration and data recovery and we know how to make the job done.