VMFS Recovery

Recovers data from ESX server

New release of VMFS Recovery: v.

Added BtrFS support.

A B-Tree file system, a perspective file system used by Linux OS, gains a lot of recognition from manufacturers of NAS devices.
A lot of new NAS models from Synology are using BtrFS by default or can be formatted to this file system. A software NAS solution: FreeNAS also uses BtrFS.

Windows 11 compatible

After the release of Microsoft Windows 11, we have performed extensive testing and make sure that VMFS Recovery is ready to work under the fresh and latest Windows OS release.<.p>

Minor but important changes in the interface and software logic

At last, the boss has approved renaming the “Hard Drives” section to “Partitions”. It was really strange to see numerous volumes and disk images there, and a separated “Physical Drives” section below.
We have also changed a warning during software exit confirmation, now it warns that all the scan results will not be saved.

Improvements in EXT, ZFS, NTFS and VMFS recovery modules

Cumulative minor improvements update for specified file systems. Access speed was also improved a bit.

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