VMFS Recovery

Recovers data from ESX server

Raid-Z and ZFS file system support

We are proud to present RAID Z and ZFS file system support to VMFS Recovery™.

Errors in ZFS are not common as all data stored on this file system is constantly checksummed, checked for integrity, and self-healed. However, sometimes it needs expert treatment too. Developers said they had a real pleasure to work with this complex and well-thought-out file system and were also impressed with RAID Z realization. Normally RAID disk is one or two levels above the file system and is not to be affected in any way. Raid-Z represents a completely different approach mixing the file system, disks and files together and allowing similar features as RAID 5, but with a gain of improved performance and ability to self-heal a ZFS disk has.

Current realization of Raid-Z recovery doesn't integrate with a Raid Wizard like other RAID levels do. You need to open one of Raidz disks in order to start the reconstruction process.