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Another technology, distinguishing our data recovery software from others and is providing the options for virtual disk quick installation and recovery. What will users get using such software? Using the Image Mounting technique, a user gets the possibility to copy files and folders from a virtual machine, recover data and correct disk problems on drive images, made with the help of the following popular virtual machines: VMware(including images which are independently kept on ESX servers), VirtualBox, Microsoft VirtualPC, and Parallels. Moreover, users do not need to launch or mount such virtual devices.


Basis: Virtual Disk Images
Installation of Virtual Disk Images
The easiest thing to do

Basis: Virtual Disk Images

What is the most important about data recovery software construction with the direct support of virtual disk images? The most important matter is their speed and convenience as they make a direct influence on data recovery quality

Generally speaking, the disk images present big files, which virtual machines use for physical disk emulation. Virtual disk images can have loadable operating systems ( Windows XP which is launched on a virtual PC, having Windows 7 system, installed on it) together with databases and user information. Virtual disks have the same capacity for data damage and loss as physical disks have. In case of any problem with information stored at virtual drive occurs, the user has only three options to use together with direct installation. Let us review these options in detail.

The first option is related to the connection of virtual drive to any physical OS and the installation of any data recovery software and its further launching inside the virtual PC. It is quite obvious that if a user acts this way, he will face the risk of deleted files complete loss, or making bigger damages to already corrupted system components.

The second option concerns the usage of virtual PC applications for the installation of disk images playing the role of drive letter from user's real computer. Nowadays only one virtual device has this option. In VMware, the user can use “Map Virtual Disk to Drive” for the creation of drive letters from the virtual disk. VirtualBox, Microsoft VirtualPC, and Parallels do not provide such options.

Virtual Disk Images installation


VMFS Recovery™ better does its job after a single installation or in a similar way as in the case with real disks. VMFS Recovery™ can read disk images made with the help of the following software: VMware, VirtualBox, Microsoft VirtualPC, Parallels, and ordinary RAW files. Our tool better does its job after a single installation or in a similar way as in the case with real disks.

This technology works with all types of virtual disk images, such as the images, made using SnapShot (Differencing), Multi Images, and contracted ‘No Allocate’ images without the necessity to install or mount original virtual machine with the help of which the image had been created.

The easiest thing to do

Fixing corrupted volumes as well as files and folders recovery is quite an easy process for our customers. A user just has to select a product of his choice and install a disk image for data recovery from a virtual disk image. The software will automatically scan a new device in order to detect any files and folders which need to be recovered, find and correct system errors in case if such an option is enabled. The process is completely automated. A user just needs to select the files for recovery.

This software works on all versions of Windows, including Windows 2000, XP, 2003 Server, Vista, Windows 7, 8, and 8.1 or Server 2008, 2012.