VMFS Recovery

Recovers data from ESX server

Anonymous usage statistics and
bug reports in VMFS Recovery™

The Main thing I’d like to point out: no personal data is collected.

Hardware IDs, disk sizes, or labels are saved in the log file and are sent after approval or if you check to participate in our bug tracking program.

There are 3 different processes added that are responsible for collecting statistics and data to help us improve the quality of our software.

  • If you check option “Help make program better by automatically sending anonymous usage statistics and crash reports to Diskinternals”
  • If you click “Send Report” button on the corresponding form:
  • During uninstall a small piece of statistics is sent.

Participating in our bug report program, will collect and send to Diskinternals the following data: A product name, a name of the file system that was scanned, how much time took the scan, registration key flag, opening a Diskinternals website, bug report with log file (if it was generated), opened wizards, and features in our product, random ID to distinguish different instances of the product but to avoid tracking a user.

Help make program better by automatically sending anonymous usage statistics and crash reports to Diskinternals

Sample of statistic:
RAID Recovery: opened RAID Wizard, opened NTFS disk 2hours, registration key entered (yes), opened Save Wizard

This statistics can be turned off anytime in View->Preferences->Extended tab.

How to turn off statistics and bug reports

“Send report” window will send a crash report and logs. To check the log file, please click on bottom right corner of the software. Note that log file isn’t saved anywhere automatically to avoid data corruption.

Bug and log report

Statistics collected during program uninstall is the shortest and contains only the most basic information: a flag that indicates if there were any crashes, activity flags without timestamps.

Sample of this statistic:
Uneraser: EXT, NTFS, Crashed(Y)

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